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Uwekind and IB

Uwekind is the only Bulgarian school authorized to offer IB’s MYP (Middle Years Programme).

MYP covers grades in the lower and part of the upper-secondary  key stages. The program opens up to our students the opportunities to receive quality modern training and continue their education. 
The subjects studied are set in an education framework and in a context that make them both interrelated and linked to real life. IB offers an exceptional learning approach which enables the students to be active participants in the educational process, be equal partners and develop their strengths and qualities, and the teachers – to make the learning content interesting and intriguing for the children.

Learning languages

At Uwekind students learn two other languages – German and English, in addition to their mother tongue (Bulgarian). It is known that one does not just learn languages, one learns through languages. The more proficient is someone, the more complete is their personality and the easier they learn, understand and communicate. At our school, language teaching is at a very high level. Our students take internationally recognized exams for certificates according to the European Language Framework.

Certificates and diplomas

Uwekind has traditions in the certification of German language knowledge and skills. Our students take internationally recognized exams for German learning children and adolescents between 10 and 15 years of age, for different levels according to the European Language Framework:
Fit in Deutsch 1 for level А1
Fit in Deutsch 2 for level А2
Zertifikat für Jugendliche for level В1
Uwekind’s team prepares the students to pass successfully the exams for the international language certificates — Sprachdiplom, Test DaF, FCE, CAE \Cambridge\.

Learning by exploring

The teachers at our school guide their students to knowledge by encouraging them to make their own research, to ask questions and look for possible answers, to show interest in different fields of knowledge, to be active learners, to make links between subjects, themes and notions and bring these in correlation with real life.

Sports and outdoor activities

We give high priority to sports because sports activities and games play a key role in the building of balanced and complete personalities. Uwekind has basketball, volleyball and football playgrounds. Our students go on skiing vacations every year. We have track and field events, football, basketball and ski teams.

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