Private Kindergarten

The Uwekind Kindergarten – The First Step to Good Education 

We have long-standing traditions in educating the youngest. The kindergarten is the oldest member of Uwekind education family, established 15 years ago. Our kindergarten is a place where children, loved and understood, grow and become aware of themselves as personalities.

Modern education

We are a modern educational institution – we never stop developing, we are always in search for and make efforts to apply the best of world experience. Uwekind has a carefully selected and continuously developing team of professionals.

Foreign language from the earliest childhood years

We provide a supportive environment, open to the world and to other traditions and cultures. An enabler of this process is the early foreign language learning. At Uwekind it is provided under an in-house program developed on the basis of the experience gained over the years.

Pioneering Spirit

At Uwekind we encourage children to manifest their natural curiosity and to ask questions which help them develop different thinking skills. Each child is encouraged and supported in their various occupations and activities which contribute to their development.

Interdisciplinary teaching and learning

Teaching and learning at Uwekind Kindergarten is interdisciplinary. The process is focused on complete personal development through involvement of each child in different practical activities.

Drama, arts and sport

Each child in our kindergarten is supported and encouraged to participate in drama performances, parties, celebrations, art ateliers. At Uwekind, we foster from the earliest age a need for physical activity which lasts for life.

Fresh air and a building in the mountain

Near the capital, yet away from the tumult of city life, the kindergarten offers to the children everyday contact with nature as they spend a lot of time outdoors. The building is  comfortable, light and airy and the yard is big. 

Частно училище

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