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Our goal is not only to be an institution, but also a community, providing high quality education. We believe that such an environment nurtures mature and responsible people, who strive to gain knowledge all their lives. International School Uwekind follows the newest tendencies in the educational system, incorporating the latest educational methodologies in its curriculum.

Our school was established in 1997 and is licensed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bulgaria. We give certificates and diplomas for completing the following educational levels:




-primary school

-middle school

-high school


Since 2011 Internations School Uwekind is authorized for the Middle Years Programme (MYP Programme).

Currently International School Uwekind is a International Baccalaureate – DP candidate.


What is MYP? 

International Baccalaureate Programme

The International Baccalaureate Organization ( is an international organization, which offers high-quality educational programmes to a worldwide community of schools.


The Middle Years Programme (MYP)

The MYP is a five year programme and covers 6th to 10th gradе students. Our school is also an IB- Diploma Programme candidate. This programme is well recognized and renowned by many Universities. The programme covers 11th to 12th grade students.

Мiddle Years Programme has a consistent and broad framework within our school curriculum. The programme can be incorporated into the national educational curriculum, meeting each counties requirements.  This helps Uwekind not only to complete the Bulgarian national middle school programme but also to apply high level of Language Learning in German and English. The program also helps us to employ internationally approved educational practices at all of the our subject levels.

The programme starts with 6th grade students. Uwekind gives students who come from different schools the opportunity to be included in the programme. In order to complete it, students must have attended at least two years, 9th and 10th grade.  

Students who have graduated 7th grade can also be included.  For them 8th grade is extremely important, at this point they begin to understand the methods of teaching, learning and assessment. In order to cover the requirements, students must have attended additional classes where they study subjects from the humanitarian, science, arts and computer technologies subject groups.   

During the 9th and 10th courses of education, is period when students not only increase and improve their academic knowledge and skills in the different subject groups, but also develop their skills to analyze, synthesis and transfer their knowledge from one subject field to another. Students complete the MYP programme by passing exams in each subject within the subject groups. They also have to complete a Personal Project. After finishing the MYP students can successfully pass on to the Diploma Programme.

 MYP progrmme is divided into 8 subject groups:

• Bulgarian Language and Literature
• English Language, German Language - Language Acquisition
• Mathematics
• Georgraphy and Economics, History and Civilization, Ethics, Psychology and Philosophy- Humanities
• Chemistry, Biology, Physics - Sciences
• Informatics, Information technology and Design - Design
• Music, Art and Drama - Arts
• Sports and Health education - Physical and Health Education


High school

During high school students receive the necessary academic knowledge and skills to continue their education at a higher level, where they will go on achieving higher goals and levels of knowledge. Comprehensive research and study of individual and team projects in various scientific fields are being realized with the constant monitoring and assistance of teachers.  Throughout their studies, students develop the ability to analyze, research and continue to gain knowledge and competence.


International School Uwekind is a International Baccalaureate – DP candidate.

The DP programm subject  continues two years and covers the last two years of high school. The Programme is established in 1968 and provides a high-level academic curriculum for students, who will pursue University degrees. This internationally acclaimed diploma aims to orient students to a more focused learning, based on their personsonal academic ambitions and interests.

The students have to select one subject out of six subject groups. The subjects we plan to offer are the following:

  1. Studies in Language and Literature – Bulgarian Literature HL

2. Language acquisition – German HL\SL and English HL\SL

3. Individuals and Societies – Business Management HL\SL and Geography HL\SL

4. Experimental Sciences – Biology SL and Environmental systems and societies - SL

5. Mathematics – Mathematics SL and Mathematics Studies

6. The subject of choice from group 2-5. This way the students will have the opportunity to study languages and science subjects depending on their future orientations and goals. Three of the subjects must be studied at a High Level and three at a Standard Level. The classes and examinations will be held in English.

In addition to the six subjects, the students must complete three tasks connected to a so called core, Theory of Knowledge, Creativity, Action, Service and Extended essay. In order to receive a certificate in the end of the second year, the students have to pass a final test in all six subjects and to complete their tasks in the core disciplines.


High School has an academically challenging and balanced programme of education that prepares students for the best university education and the future life. Uwekind provides education that balances subject breadth and depth and considers the nature of knowledge across the disciplines.


Our students successfully complete the Bulgarian National Educational Programmes, which include certified Second language learning of German and English. Thanks to their high achievements they continue their education at a higher level at prestigious Universities in Bulgaria and abroad. 


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