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Devloping reading and writing skills, reading fiction and creative writing in two languages…

Uwekind has a long-standing experience in both early foreign language learning and bilingual literacy. From the earliest school age we teach children to love reading, to write their own texts, to create, and to express themselves in a free and easy manner. 
At Uweking we keep active children’s curiosity and their inbred aspiration to learn and to explore the world. We encourage them to be engaged actively in sports, to love nature and to take care of it. We foster a healthy way of life.

Bilingual literacy

The experience we have gained over the years of primary school work has helped us build a system of successful and smooth bilingual literacy. At the end of first grade, children show equally high achievements in their native language and in the foreign language they learn. This makes them feel confident, successful and satisfied with their efforts.

Pre-school class at school

At Uwekind, the pre-school class is part of the primary school. Thus we support children’s successful integration in school life and lay a broad foundation for successful learning. The pre-school class at Uwekind successfully prepares children for school. With us, they easily cope with the transition from kindergarten life to the daily routines at school.

Learning by exploring

Today’s children learn best when they are active participants in the educational process. We guide them and encourage them to search information on their own, present it to the audience, ask questions and thus gain knowledge and experience. At our school, we use the most advanced technologies in support of the educational process. We implement different interactive methods. We continuously engage children in their own learning process.

Literacy and love of reading

We foster love of languages and reading; we have only one way of teaching children to express fully their thoughts and to master language and grammar rules – by providing them with different opportunities for oral and written activities.

Out-of-class activities

Convinced that children learn best through experience, we provide our students with opportunities to learn and experience outside the classroom.  Thus we naturally complement the educational process and build in the children different coping, team work and effective communication qualities and skills.

Arts and Sports

At Uwekind, children grow up as complete and balanced individuals through active learning and through participation in different arts and sports activities. We encourage them to manifest their abilities; we make efforts to discover their talents and strengths. Our school not only contributes to children’s development in these fields, but it also provides them with opportunities to participate in different competitions, exhibitions and sports tournaments.

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